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Nostalgic Media Blitz

(OMG do I even know how to do this anymore?)

Comic Sans 4EVER!11!!!1!!!111!

Ok let's watch some media and talk about past goodtimes and anticipation of goodtimes yet to come! *\0/*



#Summer09 #Summer10 :'D


Sweet Charity

Ok, I'll make this ~pretty later, but for now here's the info:

By day I'm a substitute teacher, and seeing as school is out for the summer, I am no longer getting a paycheck. Since I'm too broke to donate myself, this is my tiny way of helping out. So all you jewelry lovers, help me help others who need it more than we do!

Anyone who is interested, comment below, then go here dri.convio.net/site/TR and donate $26 ANY AMOUNT for Kris's 26th birthday, between now and the end of the month (that's 10 whole days ONE MORE DAY HOUR). Bring proof of the donation (and amount) here and I will make for you a custom designed piece of jewelry of your choosing.

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a rose by any other name...

After last night, when apparently someone performed one of my namesake songs on Idol (lol I didn't watch), I got a couple comments along the lines of "oh, is that where your name came from?" (ok, I got one. fuck it.) and I am narcissistic enough to want to explain my choice and profess my love for two songs which are both a little cheesy, a little ridiculous, and a lot awesome. And one of which is more than a little bizarre. :D

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This is my "FIRST POST" post - be amazed

So I decided a while ago I was gonna finally start using my LJ. Like 3 months ago. See how well that's worked out.

I wanted my first post to be for a worthy event, you know, like losing my virginity to the ~right guy. But, the August Trifecta weekend came and went, and it's epicness could not stir my lazy ass to make a post. Then came the epic awesome of Orlando with bglbayley's visit and the show at The Social. Still nada (lol I even hijacked arabella_hope's recap cause I couldn't be arsed to type up my own). Then I got my new car, and while I managed to tweet a pic of my new baby Abby, still no post.

I passed up all these perfectly good opportunities to have a special first time, and now I'm the last chick in school who hasn't given it up, fumbling around in the backseat of a mid-size sedan some guy borrowed from his mom on prom night, just to get it over with. Let's face it, this is always how it was gonna be. Everyone's first time is a little awkward and uncomfortable, no need to make it worse by piling on the cheesy romance and schmaltz and turn it in to a big momentous occasion.

First post done, out of the way, now maybe I'll actually for real start using this thing.

Here's a gif to at least make it pretty...